Amado for meetings

Amado also provides quality meeting facilities, equipped with modern presentation gear. Our tailored-to-fit meeting packages give your briefings the edge they need. Contact us and ask for more information about conference packages!

Lokki is a conference, party and dining cabinet.
Room for 12-14 persons.

Valencia is a conference, party and dining cabinet.
The cabinet can be modified.
Room for 24 persons.

Diana is a conference, party and dining cabinet.
Room for 12 persons.

If your briefing needs a flipchart or a video projector, we will supply them for no extra cost.

Having an even bigger event? No problem! You can book a part of the restaurant – or even the whole restaurant for your private use!

When the official part is over, it's nice to relax and wipe off the sweaty foreheads in one of our saunas. And of course – a dinner in our Á la Carte restaurant puts a cherry on top of every successful event.

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